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United Network Equipment Dealer Association


Dear visitor, congratulations on finding our business. This means you are not only searching for the best price for your product, but that the quality and reliability of the company you do business with is very important to you as well.

Holland Hardware is a member of Uneda

UNEDA stands for United Network Equipment Dealer Association.

Uneda is the leading branch organisation for network equipment dealers / sellers worldwide. Our organisation was founded in 2006 in order to distinguish ourselves from the less professional resellers. Since then, we have grown considerably and select our new members by means of a rigorous selection process. Currently, over 200 businesses are affiliated with our branch organisation.

If you purchase from Uneda members, you are purchasing from professional businesses who are very aware of the changes in the market. Together with all other Uneda members, we have set standards for various subjects such as ethics, testing, warranty, packaging, shipping procedures, and preventing trade of counterfeit equipment. This means that as our customer, you are ensured of a professional treatment for you, your equipment, and your complaints. Should you have a complaint about your supplier, Uneda DRC can mediate between you and your vendor.

Therefore, doing business with Uneda means:

  • You are purchasing  original equipment  and we will make sure that what we buy is original as well.
  • You are purchasing tested equipment,,untested equipment is not sold by Uneda members.
  • Equipment is sold with a warranty.. We stand for quality and long-term relationships with our customers.
  • Your equipment is carefully tested and packed by professionals.
  • All your complaints are taken seriously. We aim for 100% customer satisfaction and we want you to be more than 100% happy with our products and services.